Meeting domestic & global demands
for agricultural fertilizers

Gulf Coast Ammonia

Gulf Coast Ammonia LLC, an agricultural and specialty chemical manufacturing company, is developing an anhydrous ammonia facility in Texas City, Texas, to meet domestic and global demands for nitrogen-based fertilizers to improve crop production and yields to feed the world’s growing population.

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Safe, reliable, environmentally responsible operator; Low-cost commodity producer; Good corporate citizen


Industry leading safety features and technology including double-walled storage tank and pipelines; Redundant equipment and power supplies for safe storage of refrigerated ammonia


Estimated 1,000 construction jobs at peak and 40 operations jobs for greater Galveston County


A $600 million investment creating significant new property value in Galveston County


Facility Facts

  • Liquid ammonia produced from hydrogen and nitrogen gases
  • 3,600-metric-tons-per-day (MTPD) production capacity
  • No solid high-nitrogen fertilizer produced onsite
  • Full-containment, double-walled, 70,000-metric-ton storage tank
  • Marine dock and pipe-in-pipe pipeline infrastructure to transport product


9805 Katy Freeway, Suite 400
Houston, TX 77044

(409) 255-9925
[email protected]

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