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Gulf Coast Ammonia LLC (GCA) is an agricultural and specialty chemical manufacturing company developing a world-scale anhydrous ammonia production facility in the Texas City industrial complex on the Texas Gulf Coast.

GCA’s operating partner is Mabanaft GmbH, a global refrigerated natural gas commodity trader, which is a division of Marquard & Bahl’s company (Hamburg, Germany), and an affiliate of Advario, which operates two marine hydrocarbon terminals in Galveston County.

GCA is owned by Lotus Infrastructure Partners, a privately held investor in energy-related assets and infrastructure projects, and Mabanaft GmbH, a global commodity trader, logistics manager and specialist in refrigerated natural gas liquids and chemicals.

Our Facility

Using industry-leading and proven technology, the facility will be the world’s largest single-train ammonia synthesis loop and will set new standards in the safe and efficient production, handling and storage of ammonia.

The facility will have a production capacity of approximately 1.3 million tons of ammonia per year. Construction will begin in early 2020 with commissioning expected in 2023.

We will produce liquid ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen gases to supply domestic and international agricultural fertilizer and specialty chemical markets. Nitrogen-based fertilizers are widely used to improve crop production and yields to feed the world’s growing population. No solid high-nitrogen fertilizer will be produced onsite.

Located within the Texas City industrial complex, the site offers advantageous logistics with deep-water access and pipeline connectivity to provide anhydrous ammonia in the U.S. and around the world.

Advario will manage the loading of marine gas vessels at the project’s dock.

Safety Features

Our No. 1 priority is the health and safety of our workers and the community. The facility will use world-class, best-available technologies, materials and practices to meet or exceed all global industry standards for safe production, handling and storage of ammonia.

Our facility will incorporate safety and environmental features including, but not limited to:

  • Full-containment, double-walled and double-bottom storage tank with submerged transferring pumps and no horizontal side-wall penetrations
  • Pipe-in-pipe ammonia product transfer pipelines (double-walled pipe) with continuous leak monitoring and associated emergency shutdown isolation valves
  • Underground routing of the product pipelines in public areas
  • Specifically engineered hurricane wind and flood considerations
  • Industry-best construction materials for process equipment (low-temperature carbon steel, duplex alloy stainless steel)
  • A flaring system to contain and manage any potential release of gases and to minimize environmental impacts
  • Redundant equipment and power supplies for safe storage of refrigerated ammonia


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