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Global demand for ammonia is increasing as the need for nitrogen-based fertilizers grows to feed the world’s population. The facility will supply both domestic and international markets.

While GCA’s production is primarily for use as fertilizer, anhydrous ammonia is also used as feedstock for specialty chemicals used in the production of rubber, resins, plastics, elastomers and synthetic fibers and to manufacture carbon fibers used in aircraft, defense and aerospace industries.

The Texas City site offers a number of advantages. It is an existing industrial site within an established petrochemical industrial complex with a major deep-water port at the heart of one of the world’s most important shipping hubs.

Anhydrous ammonia is made from hydrogen and nitrogen gases. The produced ammonia gas is chilled to minus 28 degrees Fahrenheit and stored at near-atmospheric pressure as a liquid. Anhydrous means “without water”.

Safety is our No. 1 priority. We will demonstrate our commitment to health, safety and the environment by designing, building and operating a world-class facility using industry-leading technologies and best practices.

Safety is hard-wired into our plant design and into our culture. During project planning and design, we conducted comprehensive quantitative risk analyses and assessments to identify and mitigate risks using world-class technologies and rigorous personal and process safety policies and procedures based on the best current industry standards.

Concerns about anhydrous ammonia are understandable. Like all industrial products, ammonia is safe when handled properly. This non-explosive, toxic chemical is safely produced and transported around the world.

We want to assure you that our top priority is the health and safety of our workers and the community. The facility will use world-class, best-available technologies and practices to meet or exceed all global industry standards for safe production, handling and storage of ammonia.

The economic benefits are significant. The project, which includes GCA’s ammonia production facility and an associated feedstock and utility plant, will generate a total investment of about $1.1 billion and considerable property taxes.

The project will create more than 40 good-paying, permanent operations jobs and about 1,000 construction jobs at peak. GCA is committed to hire within the greater Galveston County area as much as possible.

GCA will be staffed with experienced energy and chemical industry professionals, particularly with regard to safe and reliable engineering, construction, commissioning and operations and maintenance of ammonia, or similar, production plants.

We will seek experienced professionals who reflect the region’s diversity and share our commitment to safety, integrity, operational reliability and environmental responsibility.


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